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Freightliner/ SelecTrucks Buyers Assurance has Expanded to 60 days.

Freightliner / SelecTrucks Buyer’s Assurance will cover the following components during the first 60 days of

All components currently covered under Select Used Truck Limited Warranty
coverage. (Normal warranty exclusions apply.)
• Plus these key components:
o Turbo
o Radiator
o Starter
o Alternator
o Clutch
o Air Compressor
o Brake Drums
o A/C System (dryer excluded)
o Fifth Wheel
o Transmission Synchronizer

Buyer ’s Assurance is a 60-day comprehensive coverage package with no deductible. It’s automatically included (on qualifying used Freightliner trucks) , at no extra charge, with every qualifying used Freightliner  truck you purchase. Coverage begins the day you take delivery of your used SelecTruck. Buyer ’s Assurance offers you peace of mind by protecting you from unforeseen costly used truck failures. In the event a repair is needed, simply go to any of our more than 600 Freightliner, Sterling or Western Star dealer locations across the country. They will confirm your coverage, repair covered items, and you will be on your way. It ’s that easy. Additionally, in the case of
a Freightliner truck-down situation, you can call our toll-free Freightliner Roadside Assistance number for full repair coordination at the nearest Freightliner LLC service location.





Offering Freightliner Trucks for sale -- Used select trucks that look great, and perform even better.

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2012 Cascadia's

72" Raised Roof

Now Available w/13 Speeds

Miles Starting at 178-198K

Prices starting at $99,000

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There are several reasons why purchasing from SelecTrucks of Kansas City is a sound business decision. Click on our secure online Freightliner credit application to get pre-approved. This will allow you to shop for just the right truck. Our primary commercial truck lender is Daimler Truck Finance. Don't simply look at pricing. We all can agree it is an important part of the equation, but substandard trucks in many cases do the opposite of what you intended. Any sacrifice of quality , in most cases, is no savings at all. It could mean unnecessary down time right out of the gate. It could impact your business by creating unhappy drivers. It could reduce the business cash flow. Or worse, it may jeopardize your customer relations. The "SelectCertified" process that has been performed on select trucks brings the used tractor back up to a standard worthy of being true Freightliner SelecTrucks. We can assist you in knowing what value each truck holds and what you can expect miles down the road. This is the very commitment and dedication to high standards that we have built one of the strongest network of used trucks in this country. We have found that majority of consumers would rather purchase a premium used semi truck rather than an old used truck in need of repairs that has just been washed & waxed for a surface only appeal.

Are shopping for used Freightliner trucks? We have a great selection that offers low mileage and high quality standards.

It all starts with Major Fleet Sourcing. The majority of our Freightliner trucks were originally operated by the largest and most successful mega-fleets in North America. These Freightliner fleets have major maintenance programs in place and make it a priority to adhere to maintenance regardless of the economy.

Every truck that meets this Major Fleet Sourcing was originally spec'd for optimum fleet performance, based on experience and knowledge of what works. These trucks have been "field tested" for proven reliability.



How many inspects does SelecTrucks conduct? What does this mean to our customers?

Before we put a "SelectCertified" truck in the market place, it must pass the most detailed inspection process in the industry. Each "SelectCertified" truck goes through no fewer than five SelecTrucks inspections. This includes our 148 point "SelectCertified" inspection, plus at least four other inspections conducted at key steps along the reconditioning and Select Certification process.

What makes SelecTrucks of Kansas City different?

  • We perform more inspections that any of our competitors. But it is more than quality, it's the skill of our inspectors and their dedication that makes the difference.

  • The trucks are exercised monthly to maintain operating conditions while in storage.

  • When we order the move to our location, the truck is inspected using the transportation form.

  • Once we accept the truck, it goes through the following used truck Select Certification

            -Sales Term Inspection                                -DOT Inspection

            -Freightliner Warranty Inspection                  -"SelectCertified" 148 Point

            -Dyno Test                                               -Pre-Delivery Inspection

  • The core of all the inspections is the 148 point inspection, This is the most comprehensive inspection in the industry, covering engine, transmission, rear axles, suspension, interior integrity, and more...

  • The trucks that do not pass these strict inspection criteria must have all necessary parts repaired our replaced in this process. This is are commitment that you can be assured that you are getting a great used truck from SelecTrucks of Kansas City, but keep in mind this is only the inspection and repair process.

  • This process is also where the trucks pick up a $750 or greater value in fluids and filters. We Inspect the transmission and both rear axles fluid for and abnormal metals or contaminates. Once the components are deemed passing we install new synthetic fluids into each drive-line component. We then move to the engine and it will receive new engine oil, fuel filter(s), oil filters, coolant filter (if equipped), and engine air filter. The cooling system integrity is checked for proper antifreeze mixture, freeze protection and inhibitor package.

Used Freightliner Trucks for sale

Inventory refers to the number of used Freightliner and other makes available for sale in our system. What does this mean for you?

  • Here at SelecTrucks of Kansas City we have the unique ability to provide fleet customers with the exact equipment specifications year after year, upgrading your fleet with parts commonality and brand reputation; the same advantage that our new truck customers consider.

  • You can benefit from our "one-stop shop" experience. Think about it from a fleets perspective and it's that easy to see why this process is so convenient, easy, and valuable.

  • These trucks are among the best maintained, inspected, and reconditioned, premium used Freightliner trucks you can buy.

  • We have thousands of Freightliner trucks to choose from.

Get Ready Reconditioning

This refers to many of the other things that we do in preparation of the truck sale.  Here at SelecTrucks of Kansas City we have more items that we check beyond the "SelectCertified" process. Beyond that we will install new lower bunk mattress, fire ext., and mudflaps.

Long before you ever see the truck we have made significant financial investments in Select Certification, reconditioning, and get ready.

Premium Detailing

Our detailing process goes above and beyond that of our competitors. It includes:

1.) Clean frame and engine. The truck is pressure washed to remove all excess grease, oil, and grime. This will ensure good paint adhesion

2.) The truck is prepped and the frame and bumpers are painted a deep gloss black. If the truck is equipped with steel wheels they are also painted at this time.

3.) Clean and polished tanks, steps, and wheels. Most exposed aluminum is polished to a mirror like finish.

4.) Buff the cab exterior. All exposed paint is polished removing oxidation and pore cleaning in the paint. After the paint is restored it is then waxed for a high shine and protection.

5.) Clean cab interior. The carpet (if equipped) is shampooed, the dash steamed cabinets, glass, seats, and door jams cleaned, and more...

Bottom line: SelecTrucks of Kansas City trucks look better because they are better

Not only are your used commercial trucks supported by the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in North America, but by SelecTrucks of Kansas City and myself.  We work hard to earn your business, but it doesn’t stop there.  You can be confident we want to be your valued trucking business partner for the long term.

­  SelecTrucks’ pre-owned equipment is sourced from major new Freightliner truck customers.  They have taken the guesswork out of specing a Freightliner over-the-road truck for maximum efficiency and performance.

­  Large, professional trucking corporations source their used commercial vehicles from SelecTrucks for truck fleet commonality and the ability to purchase matching semi truck equipment for truck fleet additions or replacements.

­  SelecTrucks of Kansas City has access to national used Freightliner truck  inventory and the ability to provide you with “like-spec’d” used Freightliner semi trucks, year after year, with consistent quality.

­  We perform a rigorous pre-delivery commercial truck inspection, and every truck is brought back up to SelecTrucks high standards to ensure roadworthiness from day one – eliminating unnecessary downtime and costly repairs at Freightliner dealers.

­  SelecTrucks offer diverse commercial used truck warranty coverage options that are the most comprehensive in the industry. Freightliner dealers nationwide are in our network and provide warranty service for our used truck customers.

­  Daimler Truck Financial, our partner, offers a wide variety of financing, including SelectLease - our exclusive Freightliner used truck Fair Market Value lease.

Our used Freightliner truck models vary with supply and demand, but you can find the following used commercial trucks as we acquisition them. If you have specific needs call us directly @ (866) 668-5156 or choose from these other contact points. Commercial used trucks with truck paper to support our "SelectCertified" process and more...

SelecTrucks offer trucking  fleets and Owner-Operators the advantages of used commercial select trucks that have been inspected and repaired back to Freightliner used truck standards. We have grown to be a leading Freightliner truck reseller of used commercial Freightliner trucks by adhering these stringent standards. 

We’re ready to provide you with a unique combination of used commercial products and services to help guarantee your success:

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Warranty Includes: New Engine oil, filtration elements, new synthetic transmission oil, & new synthetic rear differential fluids. A $700.00 Value Add


The one thing more attractive than our commercial trucks is our commercial truck Financing!

If you’re looking for a performance-proven used truck, visit the Center that gives you plenty of selection and finance options. At SelecTrucks of Kansas City, we’re proud to offer a variety of commercial truck financing plans. Our team will work with you to find the used commercial truck and the payment plan that fits your needs. Plus, we’re part of the nation’s largest used truck network, so if you don't see the used Freightliner truck you want on our lot, we can get it for you. Whether you’re ready to buy or lease, your most attractive options are waiting for you at SelecTrucks of Kansas City


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