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Freightliner/ SelecTrucks Buyers Assurance has Expanded to 60 days.

Freightliner / SelecTrucks Buyer’s Assurance will cover the following components during the first 60 days of

All components currently covered under Select Used Truck Limited Warranty
coverage. (Normal warranty exclusions apply.)
• Plus these key components:
o Turbo
o Radiator
o Starter
o Alternator
o Clutch
o Air Compressor
o Brake Drums
o A/C System (dryer excluded)
o Fifth Wheel
o Transmission Synchronizer

Buyer ’s Assurance is a 60-day comprehensive coverage package with no deductible. It’s automatically included (on qualifying used Freightliner trucks) , at no extra charge, with every qualifying used Freightliner  truck you purchase. Coverage begins the day you take delivery of your used SelecTruck. Buyer ’s Assurance offers you peace of mind by protecting you from unforeseen costly used truck failures. In the event a repair is needed, simply go to any of our more than 600 Freightliner, Sterling or Western Star dealer locations across the country. They will confirm your coverage, repair covered items, and you will be on your way. It ’s that easy. Additionally, in the case of
a Freightliner truck-down situation, you can call our toll-free Freightliner Roadside Assistance number for full repair coordination at the nearest Freightliner LLC service location.





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Once we receive new inventory, the trucks undergo a reconditioning process we have appropriately named "SelectCertified". This process is broken down into steps, which include:

1.) The 148 point MUST PASS Inspection. Many retailers like to use industry standard D.O.T. inspections. While this inspection looks at

  • Non-bias service provider is responsible for conducting a written 148 point inspection to exacting standards.

  • Each Select "SelectCertified" truck in our inventory is test driven by a "SelectCertified" technician. This person's sole responsibility is to put the truck through its paces, and identify potential problems that need to be addressed.

  • After the test drive, the vehicle is pulled into our on-site location, and the same "SelectCertified" technician that test drove the vehicle then conducts 148 point critical component test, inspections, and repairs of all major mechanical & cosmetic components. Based on our standardized "sales condition" policy, each inspection-point must either pass or fail. Any item or component that fails the stringent criteria set forth by Freightliner and SelecTrucks of Kansas City will then be scheduled for replacement or repair.

  • Each item that failed the "SelectCertified" inspection is repaired or replaced to OEM (Original Equipment Manufactures) specifications. These mechanical & cosmetic repairs are by far, the most costly and time consuming step of the "SelectCertified" process.

  • 2.) Chassis dynamometer tested. This is not a must when it comes to our certification process, but we believe it provides yet another measure of quality for the following reasons.

  • Measures wheel horsepower which must meet or exceed mfg. specification

  • Measures engine crankcase again we hold this to mfg. standards

  • Puts the vehicle under a loaded condition

  • Once again tested for oil loss after power-train is brought up to full operating temperature

  • 3.) Perform vehicle service. This step provides our customers with a nice value add of fresh oils and synthetic fluids. Here are a few other things that it does to help insure quality.

  • The engine oil is drained and inspected for abnormalities

  • The transmission is drained and fluid is inspected for abnormalities

  • The rear differential fluids are drained and the magnetic plug is inspected

  • The engine receives new engine oil, oil filter, engine air filter, fuel filter, water filter (if so equipped) and cabin filters

  • The transmission receives new synthetic fluid

  • The rear axles receive new synthetic fluids

  • The cooling system is inspected and corrected to meet mfg. specifications if needed

  • The truck receives new mattress, fire ext., and triangles at this point

  • 4.) The truck detail is just that, detailed. Sounds simple, right? Well, not really. Here's how it works:

  • The frame & engine compartment are pressure washed to remove all excess grease and oil, and to ensure good paint adhesion.

  • Next, the truck is pulled into our on-site paint booth, prep'd painting, and then the frame & bumper are shot a deep, glossy black. If the truck has steel wheels, they are painted at this time.

  • Then, all exposed aluminum is polished - including all wheels. If the truck is a Classic XL, or any truck without side fairings, the fuel tanks will be polished to a mirror-like finish.

  • Next, the striping is removed from the cab, and it undergoes a two-stage compound/polishing process. This process restores the paint's original luster - the best it's looked since it rolled off the factory floor.

  • Finally, the interior is cleaned & detailed. The cabinets & dash are scrubbed to remove dirt & debris. Carpets, curtains, & seating surfaces are vacuumed and shampooed - removing most stains & odor. And, last but not least, both mirrors and the windshield are cleaned.

  • All great companies that focus on excellence have systems in place that drive the products and/or services that they offer to the next level. When you consider SelecTrucks "SelectCertified" inspection, repairs, Freightliner certification, detail and P.D.I. We realistically can invest over 30-40 hours in preparation from start to finish. This quality oriented systematic approach takes a lot of time and resources, but the end results are worth it. Through hard work and being dedicated to pre-owned trucks SelecTrucks of Kansas City has earned a reputation of providing top notch trucks that sets a benchmark that not many simply cannot reach.

    "Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives." - William A. Foster

    Once a Freightliner used truck passes our inspection, you can be confident that it will not only look great, but also have the power, performance and reliability you need for the miles ahead. Shop for a "SelectCertified", road-ready commercial used truck.


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