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Freightliner/ SelecTrucks Buyers Assurance has Expanded to 60 days.

Freightliner / SelecTrucks Buyer’s Assurance will cover the following components during the first 60 days of

All components currently covered under Select Used Truck Limited Warranty
coverage. (Normal warranty exclusions apply.)
• Plus these key components:
o Turbo
o Radiator
o Starter
o Alternator
o Clutch
o Air Compressor
o Brake Drums
o A/C System (dryer excluded)
o Fifth Wheel
o Transmission Synchronizer

Buyer ’s Assurance is a 60-day comprehensive coverage package with no deductible. It’s automatically included (on qualifying used Freightliner trucks) , at no extra charge, with every qualifying used Freightliner  truck you purchase. Coverage begins the day you take delivery of your used SelecTruck. Buyer ’s Assurance offers you peace of mind by protecting you from unforeseen costly used truck failures. In the event a repair is needed, simply go to any of our more than 600 Freightliner, Sterling or Western Star dealer locations across the country. They will confirm your coverage, repair covered items, and you will be on your way. It ’s that easy. Additionally, in the case of
a Freightliner truck-down situation, you can call our toll-free Freightliner Roadside Assistance number for full repair coordination at the nearest Freightliner LLC service location.





Freightliner Columbia Weight

In today's world weight means more than simply hauling more payload. Although the payload capacity does add to the bottom line of many fleets. The fuel economy affects almost every fleet today. The laws of physics do not break. These laws are things like momentum, rolling resistance, kinetic energy and many other laws and limitations.  You as a truck load carrier deal with all the man made laws as well as these laws of physics. If you consider the power-to-weight ratio when solving some of your top issues you maybe very surprised at just how smart it is to run used Freightliner Columbia trucks.

Weight Savings

Aluminum Cab Structure
The entire cab structure and cab skin is made of high strength aluminum.

A lighter, yet stronger structure for improved durability and appearance.

Increased potential revenue from hauling more payload.

Aluminum Radiator
On the CL112, the standard aluminum radiator is 1,200 square inches with plastic caps. On the CL120, the standard aluminum radiator is 1,350 square inches with plastic caps.

Lighter than steel and is anti-corrosive.

Increased potential revenue from greater payload capacity.

Aluminum Clutch Housing
The clutch housing is made of aluminum.

Reduced weight.

Increased potential revenue from greater payload capacity

Taperleaf Front Springs
Lightweight, low maintenance front suspension with a front leaf spring that includes one leaf from end-to-end and a half-leaf that extends only to the middle of the spring.

Provides up to a 14 lb. weight savings per truck and offers a better ride than traditional leaf-spring suspensions.

The lower weight increases potential revenue from increased payload capacity.

Aluminum Hubs
The Columbia uses an aluminum 10-bolt hub pilot wheel mounting system.

Light weight and reduced possibility of oil leaks when used in conjunction with Eaton Outrunner oil seals.

Lighter truck equals greater payload capability.

Hood Structure
The Columbia’s 4-piece hood is constructed of sheet-molded compound (molded fiberglass).

Lighter than fiberglass or steel, yet strong, thereby increasing payload capacity.

Increased potential income potential

In-Rail Battery Box
 Whenever dual tanks are provided on a tractor, the battery box is located between the rails at no charge.

The in-rail battery box is made of corrosion resistant polypropylene that reduces weight by approximately 17 lbs., which allows additional payload to be carried.

Produces potential for increased revenue for the owner.

This is just a few reasons that the used Freightliner trucks are sought after. Click on the tabs below for more reasons to consider a used Freightliner Columbia as your next truck addition or replacement. If this is what you was searching for call Shawn Baker @ 866-668-5156. 

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  Click Here for details about Electrical Technology   Click Here for details about Safety      
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Warranty Includes: New Engine oil, filtration elements, new synthetic transmission oil, & new synthetic rear differential fluids. A $700.00 Value Add  


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